The album of the project “GRVTY” - “Rodina” - uniting the peoples of Russia through music!

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It happened! "GRVTY" presents a new instrumental album - "Rodina"

The project of a talented musician Gregory the Stadnik clearly shows the diversity and color of folk music of representatives of various nationalities living in Russia.

Grigory Stadnik
Grigory Stadnik

“The idea of ​​creating this album came to me 6 years ago, when the first suitable track was written,” comments Gregory, “but at that time I lacked either material, resources, or musical experience. Now my skills and the wide possibilities of the Internet have made it possible to make my dream come true!”

More than 100 people contributed to the creation of the album. The original a'capella and choral parts were recorded, which were sent to Gregory from all over the country. Each composition used national instruments of the peoples it represents.

As a result of the work, 10 singles were included in the track list: the album opens with “NON VI, SED ARTE” (“Not by force, but by skill”) - this is a collection of music of the peoples of Russia. The track “ZOZULYA” (“Cuckoo”) is Ukrainian. The idea for its creation was born to Stadnik in a dream: while pondering the options, the artist dozed off and in his dream heard a song, which, upon waking up, he immediately found on the Internet. It formed the basis of the project, and the musician even saved the video “from the dream” as a souvenir.

Dargin motifs are reflected in “DALAY” (“Song”), Chechen motifs - in “NOHCHICHO” (“Chechnya”), Belarusian ones - in “KUPALINKA” (“Kupalinka”). The melodies of the peoples of the Caucasus formed the basis of the composition “HIGHLANDERS” (“Highlanders”), the Orthodox tunes - in the tracks “JANIEL” (“God is my judge”) and “TIME FLOWING” (“The passage of time”), and the music of the peoples of the north is reflected in “ MYSTERY "(" Secret "). The list includes a single entitled “VSE DOMOY” in Russian folk style.

“The main goal of creating the collection is to unite peoples of different nationalities of our country with the help of art - a language that everyone understands. Each of us has our own culture, and this is all the charm - in the diversity and color with which folk art is replete ”

Grigory Stadnik

The colossal work and the general idea of ​​cultural unity impregnated the Rodina album with special warmth and sincerity. The beauty of melodies, bewitching voices and an emotional conceptual message will not leave indifferent any listener who appreciates high-quality music and lovingly relates to the diverse culture of our country.

The album is already available on our website. Enjoy your listening experience!

Listen and download the album of the project “GRVTY” - “Rodina”


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