Alexander Gum and Georgy Matsukatov brought a new material to the publishing house "Zvuk-M"

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Popular artist Alexander Gum and director of the company “LIFEProduction” Georgy Matsukatov arrived at the business meeting in the office “Zvuk-M”.

At a meeting with a team of music publishers, they discussed the results of the past work and outlined the future. So, Alexander Gum He provided several tracks that are ready for release in the near future, and shared plans for recording new songs, which he also wants to release together with Zvuk-M.

Having been a guest, Georgy Matsukatov remembered with a smile how several years ago he, being an artist, had just started his career together with Sound-M and now continues this cooperation, but at a completely different level.

“For me it all started in 2009, when I, as part of the GM group, was invited to take part in the filming of New Year’s Light. Over time, we organized a production company that produces video content, and “Zvuk-M” became the largest company in the south of Russia, with an army of thousands of artists. In principle, thanks to this company, we have a music market and, as a result, the opportunity to enjoy Caucasian music.

We have been friends for almost 8 for years, I have great respect for the general director, Yugov, Mikhail Yuryevich, because this person keeps up with the times, that now, coming to the office, we see a huge staff who every day, every hour working on promoting our artists.

This work opened up many prospects, for example, there was a chance to exhibit my tracks on popular digital showcases. Personally, no matter what we organize, a presentation of a video or something else, “Zvuk-M” is the first company we call and invite. My main task is to make high-quality material that Zvuk-M can adequately present to the public. I hope our cooperation will last for many more years!” - says Matsukatov.

In the photo from left to right: Georgy Matsukatov, Anton Maluneev, Alexander Gum.

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