Alexander Samboruk: "The song is capable of healing souls"

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Alexander Samboruk presented the single "Polustanok"

The premiere of the song "Polustanok", written and performed by Alexander Samboruk, took place on digital platforms. The artist dedicated this composition to all the departed bards. He told us about the history of the song and new creative plans in an interview.

Alexander Samboruk
Alexander Samboruk

- Alexander, the song "Polustanok" was written back in 2010. What way did she go before graduating with digital?

- She was born in the process of recording the second solo album of the same name. This is an acoustic project, which was published in 2012, in collaboration with the musicians of the Khabarovsk group "Graal" - Mark Aseev (uitar) and Vladimir Nesterov (sound).
Over the next year, a demo version of the song "Polustanok" was recorded in the studio "X-saund" by Nikolai Tarakulov. Unfortunately, Nikolai is no longer with us ... And for the first time she sounded at the Festival named after Arkady Severny "Black Rose", in the city of Ivanovo in 2013, entering the five best songs of the festival. As I later found out, this happened thanks to Tatyana Zaluzhna, she is Lyubasha, and Alexander Kovalev, who, as members of the jury, cast their votes for my song.
Further work with the composition continued in the Khabarovsk studio "Dzhelsomino", with the help of Alexei Yasanchin and the head of the studio, Valery Kernitsky, where, after a long and hard work in 2017, vocals were recorded. The mastering was finalized by Konstantin Dusenko in Moscow, and the result was the version of the song that you can hear today. Such is the story, 10 years long.

- The halt, in the context of this composition, is a metaphor. Tell us what formed the basis of the idea?

- In the plot - the experiences of a person seeing off his friend and, like thinking about everything that happens to us, a look at the world from the window of the “train of life”, which rushes according to its schedule. And short stops at distant stations are milestones that mark events. In particular, these are inevitable partings with those who until recently occupied a neighboring reserved seat ... And while the train is racing, we have time, looking out the window, to reflect, to realize something very important, there is always the opportunity to change something in our life ...
But this is not a requiem, because I decided to put into the song not the pain and bitterness of loss, but optimism and the kindest that remains in our memory. That is why, "Polustanok" is a dedication to all departed bards, and not to a specific person.

- What projects are you still working on now?

- Currently there are a lot of them. This includes performances and work on new material. I really want to be useful to people. For a song, through the combination of music and words, is able to work miracles, heal someone's soul, help in every way, awakening the kindest feelings. Therefore, I am very responsible in writing, first of all, texts.

- What would you like to say to your audience on the day of the premiere?

- From the bottom of my heart I wish the listeners well-being, love and faith in goodness, in yourself!
Peaceful sky overhead, loyal friends, joy and happiness to all of you!

Listen and download the song "Polustanok" by Alexander Samboruk


Lyrics of the song by Alexander Samboruk "Polustanok"

What was before is no more
Time rules everything, beyond the river of the past
For the irrevocable mess of years
Separating the bad from the good

Shards of days, where songs and dreams
Fragments of dreams and the memory of spring
Last flowers of your love
Yes, old guitar on the wall

You went out onto the snow-covered platform
On a frosty evening tired of hopes
We do not hear, leaving our carriage
At the halt under the name - "Eternity"

You were leaving, and the music of the wheels
Sounded to the beat, to the thought of you
And outside the window there was a dumb question
"What is so and what is wrong in your destiny

Did you find everything that you were looking for
On the rails where he made his path
What songs would you write
Also whenever I decide to get off

Let's think as it is while we live
From memory, let's spin by chance
What will we leave here when we leave
When we drink bitter tea from a mug

At that moment when, with a sudden word suddenly
Separator, runs between us
For those who, alas, left the circle
Closing doors without regrets

But it is believed, when not - be later
When tired, my candles go out
We will meet and sing something
At the halt under the name - "Eternity"

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