"Chka Qez Nman" - the name of the new video Alena Safaryanin which he glorifies love and family happiness.

The name of the track is translated as "No such as you." According to the performer, this is a guy's song about love for a girl who is everything to him: “She is his life, soul, heart and half! And there is no more in the world like her. "

In the video, according to the artist’s idea, the day in the life of a happy village family is shown. The atmosphere of comfort, warmth and kindness fills every frame and every line of the sounding composition.

“The idea to take this story as a basis was born during my trip to Armenia. Wonderful people live there. They are very open, honest, sincere, real. Therefore, the film went there. The filming went on for a couple of days, we met with the residents of the village in which we worked, and they hospitably welcomed us, deliciously fed us. It is inspiring. It was this atmosphere that we tried to convey. The main idea of ​​the plot is to show that a person can be happy everywhere. Despite where he is. We showed a happy family that lives in the village, and they have the most important thing - love, ”says Alain.

You can watch the clip “Chka Qez Nman” right on the website or on our YouTube channel, and download the song - on iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline and Yandex Music.