Alika Bogatyreva at the concert “Award - Musical Card”

Alika Bogatyreva at the concert “Award - Musical Card”

In Ingushetia, in the Summer Hall of the Amphitheater, an annual ceremony of awarding Caucasian artists "Prize - Musical Postcard" was held.

The award was established on the “Musical card” telecast. This is a program on applications, through which viewers have been congratulating each other on holidays for more than twenty years and transmitting musical greetings.

Organizing meetings of TV viewers with your favorite performers in a concert format has become a good tradition, which has been going on for the third year already. And the award of pop stars is carried out according to popular choice.

One of the participants of the third concert, as well as the previous two, was the actress of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" Alika Bogatyreva. As the singer said, the hall again greeted her very warmly and joyfully: “Smiles, applause, flowers and many warm words ... I love this republic very much! When you come to them, you get a boost of energy and a sea of ​​positive emotions. I was awarded a diploma and a commemorative statuette and, of course, this award is very important to me, because it expresses national recognition. ”