Alina Akbasheva in the “Good Morning” program on the Arkhyz 24 TV channel

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Creative producer of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" Alina Akbasheva visited as a guest in the program "Good Morning" on the TV channel "Arkhyz 24".

During a conversation with the host of the program, Alina Kochkarova, Alina Akbasheva spoke about her creative path, as well as her last place of work. Six months ago, she joined the Zvuk-M team, which has been promoting artists in the music market for more than 15 years.

“I have been working in the media field for more than 10 years, most of which in television. During this time, great changes have occurred in our work. Now we remember with a smile how we filmed on VHS videotapes and managed without the Internet, which simply did not exist. With the growth of technical capabilities, work became more and more interesting. With a small team, we turned the regional TV channel “9 Volna” into a federal one in a few months. Then they opened a new music channel in Sochi - SOCHILIFE. In both cases, I was the editor-in-chief and broadcaster. Then a new experience - with young creative guys we created the glossy magazine “beautyLIFE” in Cherkessk, where I again acted as editor-in-chief. All this experience, connections and developments were very useful to me when I was invited to join the friendly team of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M”. At that time, I couldn’t even imagine how much the capabilities of this company had grown! Now it provides a full range of artist promotion services that were previously difficult to even imagine. I am glad to be part of this “sound world”, to work under the leadership of Mikhail Yugov - an excellent specialist and a very competent leader...

To the Arkhyz 24 TV channel and Alina Kochkarova - thank you very much for the invitation and pleasant conversation! Of course, within the time frame of the program, you can’t tell us everything in such detail, but I hope that young talented vocalists who want to work on stage will hear me and will definitely join us, because we are always looking for new stars!” says Alina.

The program with the participation of Alina Akbasheva will be broadcast on April 7 at 8.00 on the Arkhyz 24 TV channel.

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