ALISHKA “Fantastic Dancing” - video premiere

PremieresALISHKA "Fantastic Dancing" - video premiere

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Last week ALISHKA presented the composition in English - Fantastic Dancing. The artist wrote the words for the track himself, and Kamran Huseynov wrote the music. Listeners greeted the single with enthusiasm, so today’s premiere will probably please them too - the performer released a video of the same name, filmed in the United Arab Emirates


“In every song I try to find something new, to somehow surprise my audience, I experiment with words, directions, and this time with the language of performance. I specifically wrote the text in English so that I could be heard in other countries. And I chose a “nostalgic” style, as in pop tracks from 2008-2009,” says ALISHKA.

The video for this song was filmed in Dubai, directed by Fuad Armush.

“The filming was very difficult,” recalls the performer, “I had to catch several events, time flew by! But we tried to show the wonderful locations of the city, convey the fiery mood and make everything beautiful. I hope the audience enjoys this project!”

Listen and download ALISHKI's song "Fantastic Dancing"


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