Star of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” Alla Boychenko became the heroine of the Good Morning program on the Arkhyz 24 television channel.

In an interview with the presenter Alina Kochkarova, they touched upon many aspects of the artist’s creative life. Alla told about her musical family and that she started to sing quite late: “I always say in all interviews that I am one of those who had nothing to do with music. But she loved music, was brought up on music, but singing was not about me. ”

Alla took a great interest in singing already in 18 years, and having entered the variety department at GITIS, she took it more seriously. The singer also told about her studies and atmosphere in one of the most famous universities of the country on the air.

They also touched upon the topic of the multifaceted talent of a girl who not only sings beautifully, but also dances, and also plays in the theater.

“What is a good scene?” By the fact that it is at that moment that you are on it that you understand that what you conveyed found a response in the heart of the viewer, this moment pays off all the stresses, all the unpleasant costs of the profession. How you reborn! ”, - said the artist.

She also told viewers about the release of her album Maryam, his birth and concept, and told her that she was already working on a new album.

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