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New theatrical performance featuring Alla Boychenko - “Those Who Barely Begin to Live”, which premiered on the big stage of the Salute Palace of Culture in Moscow, moved the audience.

And all because, the musical and poetic performance under the direction of Sarkis Aslanian is dedicated to one of the holiest themes for the Russians - the memory of the victims who died defending their homeland in the Great Patriotic War and all those who survived in these terrible years.

The production includes songs of the war years, as well as poems devoted to this topic, written by such great poets as Rasul Gamzatov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yulia Drunina and many others. One of the key moments of the project is the performance of each of the actors, who at the end of the performance step on the stage and tell the audience about their relatives, heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

Alla Boychenko tells

“The production lasts 40 minutes and it’s really dramatic because there are few light notes in it. Still, the theme is such that you do not need to joke, and do not want to. On the contrary, if we recall the war and its victims, then in all seriousness, with the deepest respect and respect for those brave men who have become to defend their homeland and our future. Therefore, people cried during the show. And we hope that in the future this performance will not leave anyone indifferent.

In addition to me, Alexander Atmanova and Alexander Bashkirtsev also participate in the performance. The second time we showed the project in our studio - “Whitney”, and again it was perceived “with a bang.”

The opportunity to see the next production of the play will be presented to residents and guests of the capital at the end of May. So stay tuned for news and updates on our site.

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