A new joint project of Olga Baskaeva and the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" has been released - a video for the song "Hello, hello".

As Olga said, this track is a kind of wish for her listeners:

“The song was just suddenly born in my head! I wanted something light and positive. She is not dedicated to anyone, it’s rather a kind wish to all of us, single girls, to meet our soul mate ... ”.

Artur Khasanov (“Petrucho film production”), who shot the video for this composition, decided to show in the frame not an intricate story, but a play of imagination, born of a sudden flash of passion that arose between two people.

“Everyone imagines paradise in their own way. Thoughts that arise here and now from a meeting, maybe even from one glance, sometimes take us to another world that dreams give birth to. It is bright, warm, beautiful. There is no everyday life in that story, fantasies live here ... ”, - Arthur comments.

Fantasy heroine Olga baskayeva moved her into the arms of the hero, which is performed by the singer Islam Itlyashev... The most interesting thing is that at the time of filming, the artists did not even really know each other. Olga chose him according to external criteria and was not mistaken in her choice - despite the first minute embarrassment, they worked together perfectly.

“The most difficult thing was to shoot joint footage with Islam. During close scenes I didn't even breathe ... At first I laughed at all! But the guys remained so calm, as if this was not the first time we had been filming this, and in general we had been working together for a hundred years! In the end, I pulled myself together and played. In general, I am satisfied with the results, but there is no limit to perfection. The video is very positive, kind, emotional and with a good ending. He, I think, will be more interesting for girls who dream of such a prince as Islam. Well, thoughts are material ... ”, Olga says, smiling.

You can watch the new clip of Olga Baskayeva right now on the website or on our YouTube channel.