Amirina. "Love - is poison"

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Artist: Amirina

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Premieres of Caucasian music

Shamil Kasheshov. "Do not search"

“So eternal love has ended with you, I didn’t expect it from you, now go away...” The famous poet, composer and singer of the Caucasus Shamil Kasheshov released a bright musical novelty “Don’t Look”

EGO. "Woman"

“From the first smile I was captivated by you, forgive me for my mistakes, and thank you for always being with me...” Singer EGO presented fans with a fascinating original composition about fate and love - “Woman”

Zagir Satyrov. "You are my Love"

“The sun shines on me because you are near...” The famous Caucasian performer Zagir Satyrov sang about his beloved, a guardian angel and the source of true happiness, in the new single “You are my love.” Composer Shamil Kasheshov, music by Zagir Satyrov

Danial. "Insomnia"

Fierce restless love turns the world around into a kaleidoscope of problems and altered feelings that deprive you of sleep and the will to live. Singer Danial presents a new single - "Insomnia"

Reisan Magomedkerimov. "Ay, yes op"

“No matter how hard I tried to cross it out, I couldn’t, I couldn’t order my heart and say “stop”...” Reisan Magomedkerimov presented a new dynamic single about maddening love - “Ay, yes op”

Ruslan Shanov. "Queen"

Ruslan Shanov spoke about the beautiful chosen one of his heart in a new track about irresistible emotions and feelings - “Queen”

Tural Everest. "Alien"

An old love flares up with renewed vigor after many years, but everything has changed. Tural Everest presents a new single - "Alien"

MY-RO. "Lezginka"

Performer MY-RO presented a bright musical novelty - “Lezginka”