Anastasia Avramidi "And I'm drunk today" - single premiere

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On your birthday Anastasia Avramidi made a musical gift to the audience - the performer presented a new soulful track about love - "And I'm drunk today"

Anastasia Avramidi
Anastasia Avramidi

“The idea of ​​this composition belongs to my spouse,” says the artist, “he came up with a theme and offered me to implement it in a song, so I coordinated every word with him, and the track came out exactly as it was intended: life, revealing the theme, painfully familiar to many.

Listening to it, someone will remember similar emotions from the past, someone will live them "here" and "now", and someone, by virtue of their imagination, can simply plunge into them for the first time.

The situation described in the song did not happen to me, but to my acquaintances - yes. I remember their experiences very well, and I want to tell the listeners: do not share yours with anyone! Divide, but don't divide! Don't settle for pain! Fight for yours! Just fight honestly. "

Listen and download Anastasia Avramidi's song "And I'm drunk today"


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