"Marry You"

"I will marry you" - this is the name of the song by Anastasia Avramidi, which will soon be shown a presentation clip of the artist. This is her first music video, so fans of Anastasia's work will finally have a chance to see her idol in all its glory.

Bright and colorful clip was shot in Abkhazia. One of the most popular directors in the Caucasus, Artur Khasanov (Petruchostudio), worked on it. The shooting lasted three days.

Sunny frames of picturesque corners of New Athos and other sights of the region are perfect for a dynamic composition. After all, the world is saved by beauty and love, and therefore their harmonious combination and adjusts to the romantic mood. And the film crew very successfully managed to catch and convey that thrill that lurks in the song, like in the heart of every girl who says: “Yes, I will marry you ...”.