Anastasia Avramidi fell in love with the “common man” ...

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"I fell in love with a Greek" - this is the name of the new track Anastasia Avramidiwhich was recently published. The singer introduced a new song after a long temporary break, what inspired her? Maybe a new love? After all, you always want to sing out loud about her ...

It turns out that everything is somewhat simpler, but no less interesting. The singer said that the words of the future track came to her by themselves. It remained, as they say, only to write:

“A year ago, out of nowhere, I began humming the words“ Mom, I fell in love with a Greek ”. I just walked around the house and sang them. Then she took a sheet of paper and began to write it down. This is how the chorus of this song appeared. As time passed, I, leafing through the notebook, saw the same leaf with the text enclosed in it and added the first verse. Then she put it off again. Only a little less than a year later, I sang a verse and a chorus on a dictaphone and sent it to the composer Timur Kitov. He immediately liked the idea, and he finalized it. Timur prepared a demo version, I went to the voice recording. With all this, we finished the second verse right at the studio, already on the record, ”says Anastasia, smiling.

Listen to the demo of the track by Anastasia Avramidi


This is not the first joint project of talented musicians, together they created many wonderful compositions and, as the singer promises, they will soon share with us the most recent works.

The song “I fell in love with a Greek” will soon be available on all digital platforms, including: iTunes, Google play, Yandex Music.

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