The many-sided talent of Angelica Nacheva gave the audience a lot of songs that she wrote not only for herself, but also for her colleagues. At the moment, the singer is just busy writing two new songs - for Azamat Bishtov and Magamet Dzybov.

They have been friends and collaborators for more than 7 years and during this time they have recognized each other so well that Angelica can easily guess the style and syllable that will appeal to each of them.
“I find it easier to write for men than for myself. Probably because I know what a woman wants to hear, what can melt her heart...”, the artist admits.

Bishtov and Dzybov never make any changes to the songs that subsequently become hits, and while working on the arrangements for the tracks, he consults Angelica. After all, she, as the author, already sees in her head a complete picture of the project.
So, in the near future, we expect music news. But what's behind the story lies in the new compositions - while the secret ...