Angelica NachesovaName: Nachesova Angelika Madinovna
Date of Birth: 19 September 1982 of
Place of Birth: Maykop
Ranks: Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea and Karachay-Cherkess Republic
Education: ASU (Maikop), Faculty of Economics
Musical education: Music School (Maykop)
Start a music career: November 2005, XNUMX
Albums: “Without you”, “On burning coals”, “You are mine”, “And you excite me”, “You are the only one”, “Sky for two”.
Life motto: “If you want to be happy, be it!”
A. Nacheva: “Music for me is a sea in which you can enjoy and drown, laugh and cry ... In which you can jump and be forgotten under the waves of your favorite tunes. You can go with the flow and against ... The main thing is that it always evokes different emotions that make you live! ”

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Biography of Angelica Nacheva

The name of Angelika Nacheva is known not only in Russia, but also abroad. Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea and the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, she presented the public with incendiary songs and lyrical compositions, many beautiful videos, as well as wonderful songs for other Caucasian stars.

Angelica Madinovna Nacheva was born on September 19, 1982 in Maykop. A cheerful, cheerful and inquisitive girl, she began to show creative abilities from childhood. Already at the age of 7, she began writing songs while playing the piano. At first, she simply took books in her hands, chose the poem she liked and tried to put the lines to music. But over time, the music itself began to inspire her poetry and the creation of her own compositions.

Angelica went to study at a music school in the city of Maykop with her two sisters. Despite the fact that she was only 7 years old at that time, of all three, only she was able to withstand the remarkable academic load. But when her beloved teacher went on maternity leave, little Angela faced such moral difficulties that on the exam she specially played the piano part badly in order to leave the educational institution, in which she could no longer study.

Added to this was a failure at one of the music competitions. But this did not break Nachesova. On the contrary, the will to win and the desire for a goal only added strength to her, such is her fighting character! At the age of 10, she returned to music school and at the same time began classes at the Yur-Vo Show vocal studio. Here Angelica recorded her first song called “Noteher”, which translated from Adyghe means “Notes”. And from that moment on, her victories began in various music competitions.
In a narrow circle of relatives and friends, everyone knew about Angelica's passion for music. She gladly sang songs (including author's) at family celebrations, dreaming in the depths of her soul about a singer's career.

After graduating from secondary and music schools, the girl entered the Adyghe State University and successfully graduated from the Faculty of Economics. But I didn't have to work in my specialty.

As a songwriter, Nacheva took part in the recording of the album by Tlebzu and Aidamir Mugu, and later began her own musical career: she wrote songs, performed solo compositions and the first duets.

In 2013, the singer entered into an agreement with the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” and at the same time her first music album, “You Are Mine,” was released.

The video version of the concert program “You are mine” was released on DVDs.

This year was also marked by the release of the single "Choking". Songs that instantly became a hit and gave the artist all-Russian popularity.

Then the performer’s second album, “And You Excite Me,” was released, which included duets with Azamat Bishtov, Sultan-Uragan, Mamamet Dzybov, Aidamir Eldarov and Li-Lu.

At the same time, a new meeting with the audience takes place - Angelica Nacheva gives a big solo concert "And you excite me", in which the stars of the Caucasus take part, singing with her in a duet. The two-hour concert also appears in video format.

Then the album "You are the only one" was released.

The video of the concert of the same name can be viewed here:

And in the same 2013, the album "On Burning Coals" was released. It includes 13 compositions.

In 2014, the public saw the album "Sky for Two", which included duets with Lilia Shaulukhova, Sultan-Uragan and Azamat Tsavkilov.

Beautiful concert numbers, successful duets and, of course, soulful songs filled with life, energy, deep emotions - all this brought Angelica the public's love and immense popularity. Each new song of her, including duets with other Caucasian performers, became a hit.

Talking about how songs are born, Angelica says that when she plays a melody, the words come naturally. And these are not always autobiographical compositions. After all, you can write not only about your feelings, any story can inspire. But one thing is invariable - the artist always subtly senses which song is suitable for whom. The tracks she wrote for her stage colleagues have always given them great success. The soulfulness and warmth of these compositions make the audience sympathize, worry, rejoice and sadness together with the performers.

One of the most successful duos of 2016 was duet of the singer with Artur Khalatov - "Zero Chances".

In 2017 Angelica Nacheva presented the clip "Stolen happiness"as well as a new solo program.

Grand concert "Take a walk, capital!" with the participation of Caucasian stars, took place in Maykop and presented the audience with many new songs, including duet compositions. So, especially for a duet with Tatyana Tretyak Nacheva wrote song in the style of chanson - "Golden apples"... There were also presented new singles of the singer: "The Circassians have such a custom", "Dolalay" and others.

In 2018, the premiere of the singles "We will return ..." and "I wish you ..." took place, as well as the collection "Adyghe Collection, Vol. 2 ":

“Ola-ley” is another new product for 2018. A video filmed in Spain was released for the bright, danceable track:

The loud premiere of the same year was video for the song "Seeds"performed together with Sultan-Hurricane... The bright summer premiere took the audience back to childhood, when "there were no problems" and it was possible to "walk until dawn ..."

Each performance of Angelica Nacheva was a colorful show, thought out to the smallest detail. Any detail is important for her - from lighting and dancers to stage outfits. The singer approached her costumes very responsibly, believing that the artist's outfit should be exclusive. Therefore, she herself developed the design of the dresses together with the fashion designer.
Angelica's house has dozens of magical beauty of costumes, shoes and jewelry! The artist brings the latter from different parts of the world.

Many also know about another hobby of the artist - she paints. Angelica not only donates her works to relatives and friends, but also puts up for auction for charitable purposes. With the funds raised from the sale of paintings, she helps those in need.

In 2019, the artist will present the single "I will be happy" and unfortunately, her audience leaves the stage. A happy wife and mother decided to devote herself to the family, but she has many ideas that over time she is going to bring to life.

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