Anzor Tomaev - Don't lose yourself | Video premiere 2023

Video clips. Music of the CaucasusAnzor Tomaev - Don't lose yourself | Video premiere 2023

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“Don’t lose yourself for your place in the sun, who you were created by - remember, trust your instincts...” Caucasian performer Anzor Tomaev presented a track about faithful life, truth and conscience - “Don’t lose yourself”

Words by Denis Krygin, music by Irina Amirokova



Channel post date: 2023-11-17 20:00:18
Video length: 00:03:39
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV


  1. I lost myself for many years, thank God I found myself again 1.5 years ago - I changed a lot - thanks to this I survived and live, despite that. I am proud of myself, I restored myself and found myself. Smart beauty

  2. This is true, this is a fact! Unfortunately, in exchange for money, people betray their loved ones, they think that money can buy everything. And once you bought it with money, when it runs out you will also be betrayed!

  3. Anzor, thank you for the song!!! May the Almighty protect you. And tears of joy and tears of pain are all here. I wish you health and creative success.


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