Anzor Khusinov presented a new song and video - "Bastard"!

PremieresAnzor Khusinov presented a new song and video - "Bastard"!

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On the windows of digital stores there was a novelty from Anzora Khusinova - the artist presented a new composition - "Bastard", as well as a video for it

Anzor Khusinov
Anzor Khusinov

“This song appeared unplanned in my repertoire,” says Anzor, “and in general it is the only one in such, say,“ fashionable ”style. My wife Zamira Zhaboeva, who, in fact, is the author of the track, gave me her new work to listen to, and it immediately hit me: “bastard” is easy to remember, and the presence of the word “parasite” in the text is very interesting. So I asked her to leave the song for me and today I am happy to share it with you! "

The novelty was released simultaneously with the video of the same name.

“I myself acted as a director,” comments the performer, “and Vasily Zaruba implemented my ideas. It took two days to shoot, everything was clear, prompt and without a hitch. It is always a pleasure to work with professionals who understand you perfectly.
If we talk about the project as a whole, then we tried to convey that the most important thing in a relationship is action. It will explain to the other half more than just empty words. I hope we managed to reflect this.
Congratulations to the whole team on the completion of the work, and I wish my dear viewer a pleasant listening! I will be indescribably glad if the song hits you the same way it does to me! "

Listen and download Anzor Khusinov's song "Baldeya"


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