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Famous performer Aris appaev visited the office of the music publishing house "Zvuk-M" the other day. In addition to discussing the results of joint work over the last period, the occasion for this visit was also a pleasant event for fans of the artist - soon he plans to release a new album, which will include about seven tracks in Russian. According to Aris, the public will be somewhat surprised by the style in which these compositions are recorded:

Aris appaev
Aris appaev

“The new material,” says the singer, “is sharply different from what I had before. It's hard for me to describe it in words, but everyone will notice the difference. Today I brought one song, it’s very “summery” - light, positive. I think young people will immediately like it. The text is not overwhelming, a simple motive, but at the same time a very soulful composition. And so will everyone else. Although they are different in style: club, oriental, and slow lyrical, they are all written in approximately the same musical concept. I was inspired to do this by my viewers, who have stayed with me for a long time and supported me. I want to surprise and please them.”

Work on new songs for the album is already underway. Aris called several tracks: “You are melting”, “Give me fire”, “Karina”, “Mega drama”, “Sweet poison”. The last two are contenders for the name of the future album, the singer has not yet decided on this.

The new songs will be delivered soon and, according to the publisher, will be released around the end of this month.

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