Aris Appaev: The song "Tau Khalkym" is about the resettlement of my people ...

ArtistsArisAris Appaev: The song "Tau Khalkym" is about the resettlement of my people ...

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Today marks 75 years since the day when the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR began the forced eviction of the Karachai people from their homes. From 2 to 5 November in 1943, 68 614 people were deported to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Memories of this event are always painfully reflected in the hearts of people affected by the cruel injustice, their families and descendants.

The well-known performer Aris Appaev dedicated a song to the topic of deportation called "Tau Khalkym". A clip was shot on it, which we invite you to remember today.
The video was directed by Mikhail Konov. The shooting took place in the most beautiful corners of our region: on Elbrus, Chegem waterfalls and in the village of Verkhnyaya Balkaria. Here, with the help of actors, scenes of deportation were played out.

Aris Appaev (ARIS)
Aris Appaev (ARIS)

“We tried our best to convey all the emotions, all the pain and, thereby, give the video realism.
This song is about the suffering of my people, its hardships and hardships. I could not ignore the most burning topic. They resettled not only the Balkar, but also other peoples. God grant that such grief will never happen again, and a peaceful sky above our heads! ”, - says Aris.

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