March 28 in Nalchik held a solo concert of the popular artist Aris Appaev (Aris Appaev)

As fans know Arisa, the overwhelming number of his speeches until recently accounted for the cities of Turkey. Literally over the past few years, he gained a lot of fans in cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, became the winner of the national qualifying round of the international song contest “Turkvizyon 2015”.

The main work of Aris in Russia is concentrated in the capital's clubs, and in his homeland, the North Caucasus, there is traditionally one concert a year, and it takes place in Nalchik.

Arriving in Nalchik, a popular performer who successfully sings in four languages, each time regards him as a report to fellow countrymen, as a kind of quintessence of all creativity for the whole year. And the preparation of such a concert pays maximum energy and attention not only to Aris himself, but to his entire team.

It so happened that part of Aris’s work is oriented towards a Western listener and is therefore performed in English. In 2013, Aris successfully performed a concert program in the USA, took part in a music contest that was held in Las Vegas. Today Aris's songs are broadcast on the popular radio channels of New York and Los Angeles.

In his plans for 2017 year shooting a clip in the United States. The trip there is scheduled for the second half of the spring 2017 year. The team of Aris will take part in the field work, which includes Mikhail Konov, who works on scenarios, video filming and editing, as well as Alexander Novikov, who is responsible for 3D support.

Aris himself made his way to the American market, the laws of which for beginners are quite harsh, and his remarkable talent and efficiency played a decisive role in the success achieved. And only when the artist received sufficient fame and his own American fans, well-known promotion structures joined his support. In particular, the Universal Talents group of companies, which promotes promising performers in the United States media market, became interested in the Aris-USA project.

The Universal Talents group of companies became interested in the Aris-USA project.
The Universal Talents group of companies became interested in the Aris-USA project.

“The brand under the name“ Aris ”is becoming recognizable in the Western Hemisphere,” says Zhanna Chochayeva, concert director of Aris, “which strengthens our hope for further success among the English-speaking audience.

At the same time, Aris never divides his success outside the country from his native land, which enabled him to perform and rewarded him with the talent to do it successfully and beautifully.

“I love Kabardino-Balkaria, my native places, the city of Nalchik, our mountains, the magnificent Elbrus and our amazing people,” says Aris. - Wherever I perform, all my thoughts are always about my native land. Perhaps this is a large part of my success.

We invite everyone to the concert of Aris in Nalchik, which will take place on March 28 in the House of Culture and will be dedicated to the Day of Revival of the Balkar people.

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