Aris spoke about the success of the track "Tramp Kid" and about the video for this song

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Released at the end of 2020, the song "Tramp-kid" is gaining popularity with listeners every day, and the answer to the question "where to watch the full version of the video?" interest them more and more. But is there a complete video? We decided to talk about this with the artist himself.

- Undoubtedly, the musical novelty caused a stir among the public. While working on the song, did you expect such a reaction?

- No, we definitely could not predict it. Just trying music of different directions, we decided to record a track “in the yard style”, a kind of “song with a guitar”. And the listeners got it. From the reviews and comments of subscribers, I can say that there has never been such a response in the entire history of my work, although my repertoire is quite diverse: both English-language material, and songs with an oriental flavor, in other genres. But I don’t remember such activity. I myself have now begun to fall in love with this style and am already preparing a couple of sketches of new tracks in the same direction.

- So, we can say that we have found a turning point in your work. Has the number of subscribers in social networks increased with the release of the song "The Tramp-Kid"?

- Yes, it has grown by 2000 people in three days, now their total number is 15.

- Those who have seen the video for this song are interested in the question of where you can watch the full version. It's hard to believe that you just took a couple of frames to publish a post with a composition.

- It's hard to believe, but in fact it was so. At first we wanted to shoot a small video on the phone, but in the end we got confused and shot a mini-clip. They improvised - they found a girl who agreed to play the role of the main character, without really even understanding what kind of plot we have. We ourselves did not know then, we just invented a script on the go, as if my hero had stolen it. I took the car from my brother, who was also surprised by Arista why there are so many cameras around his car and did not even understand what we were doing. In general, we just shot a video in 2 hours and did not even imagine that it would cause such interest. Of course, if we had worked through the whole story from start to finish, it would have been possible to later edit a full-fledged clip, but we made a 35-second video, and people are eager to learn the whole story.

- Are you planning to satisfy the interest of your fans?

- Yes, we want to shoot a video for this song. It will be a kind of game in which the main characters are involved. While we are thinking about the atmosphere: a casino or something simpler. But the main thing is to show the opposition of love and money. So we hope to please the audience with a video novelty in the coming year.

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