Artists "Zvuk-M" performed in a boarding house for the elderly and disabled in Cherkessk

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Caucasian pop singers often take part in charity projects. The artists visited the orphanages of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic more than once, and earlier this month, the concert director Asya Sanashokova organized a performance at the RSBU “A general type boarding house for the elderly and disabled”, where they arrived with the music program: Emma Sind, Alika Bogatyreva и Azamat Pheskhov.

The artists sang live, and the singer Emma Sind even performed her song to the accordion, on which she was accompanied by a musician of this institution. The popular vocalists met the visitors of the Boarding House, many of them sang along with the performers with pleasure, and the administration of the Boarding House expressed gratitude for the warm and friendly atmosphere and for the good mood: “How many happy, joyful smiles that evening, glowing with delight and positive emotions eyes of our recipients of social services! We will be glad to see you with the new concert program! ”


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Publication from Nursing Home (Cherkessk) (@domprestarelykh09)

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