Arthur Khalatov. "Lily"

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Artist: Arthur Khalatov

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Premieres of Caucasian music

Shamil Beshliev. "Loving Together"

“If my heart didn’t hurt, if tears wouldn’t roll from my eyes, I’ll take everything upon myself, let’s walk this path together, loving...” The emotional composition “Loving Together” was presented by singer Shamil Beshliev. The authors of the song are Kamran Bakirov and Jamil Turan

Aymar Zairov. "Best Ex"

“We, on dark, dark nights, were wild and in love, but your tears are rolling again, you are hiding again...” Singer Aymar Zairov spoke about the story of uneasy love in his new single, “Best Ex.” Words and music by Zarina Shakubaeva

Zaur Thagalegov. "Mother"

“You are in my soul, mom, shine like the sun, forgive me, mom, I’m a scoundrel...” The melodic composition “Mom” was presented to the audience by the famous Caucasian performer Zaur Thagalegov. Poet and composer Anzor Khaupa

EGO. "I'll come home"

“Don’t trust anyone who, tired of waiting for me, will say - it’s better to forget... They won’t understand either you or me, or what it means to love...” EGO presented fans with a new original track - “I’ll come home”

Ruslan Shanov. "Melancholy"

Sudden and crushing loneliness is worse than death. It leaves only a pitiful, bitter echo from life. A new dramatic single performed by Ruslan Shanov has been released - “Melancholia”

Anzor Khusinov. "Even if you're with someone else"

“You don’t know how much I miss you, you hug him without remembering me...” The famous Caucasian singer Anzor Khusinov presented listeners with a new track about fragments of love - “Even if you are with someone else.” The author of the composition is Zamira Zhaboeva

Cvetocek7. "Give me your hand"

"Give me your hand". The composition, filled with the girl’s secret sorrows and dreams, was presented by singer Cvetocek7. Words and music by Kamran Bakirov and Zarina Shakubaeva

Azamat Pheshkhov. "Black glasses"

“You know, you’re playing with me in vain, you won’t befuddle with your beauty, the fog in your eyes won’t leave wounds...” A new dynamic single by Azamat Pheshkhov, “Black Glasses,” has been released. The author of the song is Artur Kencheshaov