Arthur Kidakoev: “I have April 1 every day!”

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Today, around the world celebrate April Fool's Day.

On April 1, we come up with jokes, kidding acquaintances, and often ourselves are caught by fishing poles. For us, this day is an extra reason for fun, but for the artists of the comic genre - almost a professional holiday! Therefore, today we decided to talk with the People’s Artist of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic Arthur Kidakoev about his work, which has long become the meaning of life ...

The names of Arthur and Fatima Kidakoev are known far beyond the borders of our Republic. For more than 20 years, they show viewers funny scenes on everyday topics, ridiculing human vices and weaknesses. The viewer begins to smile even before the artists utter the first words, because they already know for sure that if Kidakoeva is on stage, it will be fun.

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Recently, the number of participants in their humorous productions has grown. As it turned out, this is due to the opening of its own theater.

— Arthur, tell us more about the Kidakoev Theater, please.

— About a year ago, Fatima and I opened our own theater, where we teach young actors our craft. It's called "Kidakoev Theater". So, young guys joined our team: Beslan Argunov and Zalina Pshikhacheva. I call them “play dough” because you can mold them into good actors. Still, Fatima and I can no longer jump around the stage like in previous years, so we are raising worthy successors. They are very talented, with a sense of humor. In the future, our troupe will be replenished with other new artists.

About a year ago, the Kidakoevs opened their own theater, where young actors are taught their craft.
About a year ago, the Kidakoevs opened their own theater, where young actors are taught their craft.

- It will be possible to stage performances...

- This is my goal. I want to restore the play “Kinfolk,” which was a great success at the Circassian theater. It so happened that the production at one time was underestimated by its management, I had to leave the theater, and the performance fell apart.

So, I want to restore it, especially since I have all the rights to it, as an author and director. We will show it in 2 languages: in Russian and in Circassian.

This is a comedy drama about the relationship of fathers and children. A theme that will never lose its relevance. When we put it for the first time, we filmed the action on video. This video has somehow been distributed to friends and now it is even shown in some schools. Here is a social project turned out.

- Well, we'll wait for the premiere. Well, in the meantime, tell us about the upcoming dates of your performances. Do you have a busy touring schedule in the spring?

- Yes. On March 31 we will perform in the village of Koshekhabl, on April 5 in the village of Khabez, on April 15 and 16 in Moscow, on the 27th in Nalchik, and then we will travel to other cities.

27 April Arthur and Fatima Perform in Nalchik
27 April Arthur and Fatima Perform in Nalchik

We have prepared a completely new program, and the viewer will now see us in a larger composition.

— You write the scripts for the scenes yourself. How does this usually happen?

— All numbers are invented from situations that happen in life. With us, with our friends: we saw some interesting situation, told a funny story... It’s enough to hear one short sentence and a full-fledged act can be born from it. For example, the famous actor of Kabardino-Balkaria Muradin Dumanov once told me a short anecdote. But I liked it so much that I came home and made a big number out of it, which was eventually shown in the program “Full House” by Regina Dubovitskaya.

- Great! Arthur, do you and Fatima come up with pranks for each other on April 1?

— Every day is April 1st for me! She especially likes to make fun of me. I remember she told me that a relative had arrived, go and open the gate quickly. I’m running to the gate, in a hurry, and my relative is quietly sitting at home somewhere in the North. It's been 15 years since I've seen him. Or, when we lived on the 8th floor, she once said to me: “Someone is knocking on the window, look.” So I ran to check...

Previously, our jokes were more, so to speak, stinging, sometimes even cruel. Now it is more landed jokes, kindly. The joke should be a good one.

— Some people react very sharply to jokes. What advice would you give them?

“We need to approach this more simply.” It's just a game. You especially shouldn’t be offended by friends or acquaintances. You can’t take everything with hostility. We need to smile more often and laugh at ourselves. This is the most powerful thing - when a person knows how to laugh at himself. I love and respect people like that, and I’m friends with people like that.

— Fatima must have immediately captivated you with her sense of humor?

“Fatima captivated everyone at once... As soon as I saw her, as they say, “the roof was blown away.” It turned out to be mutual, since then, we have been together for more than 35 years.

Arthur and Fatima Kidakoeva. More 35 years together
Arthur and Fatima Kidakoeva. More 35 years together

— Do you think a sense of humor is innate?

- I'm sure of it! Well, you can’t instill it in a person. I know a lot of people to whom you tell a joke, and they react in their own way. Some scientist said that humor is something related to mathematics and logic. When a person receives short information - an anecdote, he perceives it in his brain in a special way. This is a fiction, an unprecedented thing, and people who do not have a developed sense of logical thinking simply do not understand the joke that everyone else accepted with a bang. They asked me in all seriousness: “Why did he do that? Why did he say that? I explain to them why, and when they understand all this, they suddenly ask: “What’s so funny about that?..”

There is an expression “If God deprived a person of a sense of humor, then it was for that ...”. Can't teach it. It's useless.

— You were probably such a humorist, the life of the party, from your youth?

- There is such a thing. My father was a man with a great sense of humor. He said such things with a serious expression on his face!.. And my Mother had a sense of humor, and my dear brother is also a funny fellow! My father's brothers too.

“So you simply had no chance of not inheriting it.” Arthur, what would you wish your fans on this positive day?

- Laugh and smile more! Let the muscles in your cheeks get tired from expressing a smile and joy. Just love each other! We are people to laugh and joke. For example, I have never seen a laughing cow or a laughing ram. Well, they have no sense of humor! And we have it. Let's use it and enjoy it!

- Thanks for the conversation, Arthur! And I remind our readers that you can always watch the productions of Arthur and Fatima Kidakoev at our YouTube channel.

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