Artur Sargsyan “Hello, where have you been” - single premiere!

PremieresArtur Sargsyan "Hello, where I was" - premiere of the single!

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Hip-hop song introduced today by Artur Sargsyan @ artur001_777. “Hello, where have you been” - a track about love, to the music of Movses Margaryan and the words of Artur himself.

Artur sargsyan
Artur sargsyan

“A year ago, on my birthday, my friend played a melody that sank into my soul. That same night, after the celebration, returning home, I could not sleep - this music was playing in my head. And then the words to the future song appeared by themselves, and by morning a full-fledged composition was already ready.
The main idea in it is that the idea that money decides everything in this world is wrong! Never fall for this, because it is with this money that you will be tested in the end. It’s better not to miss true, true love, don’t lose sincere friendship!” says Artur.

Along with the presentation of the single, the performer presented to the public an exciting video for the song in its plot. This is Artura’s debut video, which emphasizes that, despite the fact that he is not a professional singer, has no music education, but is engaged in business and political activities, he put his soul into this project, considering the music hobby an excellent expression of his creative abilities.

The clip “Hello, where I was” contains cards, money, and a shot, but the main thing in it is the love story, which received an unexpected outcome. Filmed a video in Moscow, directed by Arut Tevosyan @haruttevosyan, and the main role was played by actress and model Katerina Fetisova @katerina_fetisova.

“I remember these shootings for their colorfulness and strong charge of energy,” says Artur. “Another memorable factor was the fact that they were carried out around the clock. Everyone will understand the story shown in the video in their own way. But the main thing that everyone must learn is that you cannot let this world make your hearts hard!”
The song and the clip “Hello where I was” are available on our website.

Listen and download Artura Sargsyana's song “Hello, where I was”


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