Arthur Khalatov is preparing to release a new composition, which he dedicated to people who have supported him for many years and are always ready to share his joy and grief. The song is called “My Friends”. It was written by Margarita Biragova.

“The main idea of ​​this track is that friendship is in itself an undeniable value. Nowadays, it is increasingly becoming the subject of bargaining. They no longer try to put their soul into it, preferring to select friends not according to moral, but according to material values. Friendship is everything to me. I really love my friends, appreciate what we experienced together and wanted to express our appreciation in this way, ”says the singer.

The presentation of the song will be held in Vladikavkaz on November 11, at the anniversary concert of the artist. From the stage of Metalurh, DC, Arthur plans to perform the song “My Friends” for the first time for his close people and all those who value loyalty and dedication above other riches of life.