The eternal theme, which is always relevant - the love and respect for the people who gave you life, is sung in the new song of Arthur Khalatov - "Parents".
The artist dedicated a kind song about love and family written by Margarita Biragova to all parents: “I want them to live long, be healthy, and the children appreciate and respect them, always be with them.”

Artur Khalatov's parents live next to him in Vladikavkaz. Nelya Vasilievna and Vladimir Nagopetovich are labor veterans, now they are retired and are happy to nurse their grandchildren. Arthur says with a smile that they taught him the most important things in life: “As in any decent family, I was instilled in my childhood from respect for elders, the ability to be friends, to love, to be honest and honest.” Of course, the same artist teaches now and their children.



Responsible father, faithful husband and sensitive son Arthur Khalatov put his whole soul into a new song about family values, which is already possible hear on the waves "Caucasus Hit"!

Arthur Khalatov
Arthur Khalatov