A singer with an impeccable reputation as a disciplined family man was recently involved in a scandal, born of rumors that he had an affair with one of her fans.

Arthur has not paid attention to such tricks of fans for a long time.

As it turned out later, the girl herself provoked an unpleasant situation by publishing a photo in an embrace with Khalatov in Instagram, made at one of his speeches. The picture where he hugs her, and she kisses him on the cheek, was accompanied by provocative ambiguous comments.

And although Arthur has not paid attention to such antics of his fans for a long time, the stormy discussions of this incident and the hype raised around his person made him react. As a result, the girl deleted the photo, but the disappointed envious continued the discussion.

The singer himself commented on it this way: “If your life is connected with show business, then you just need to always be mentally prepared for such situations. I was lucky - my wife knows very well that she has no reason for jealousy, and she never throws tantrums in such cases. "

Whatever you say, Alina Khalatova, really, has nothing to complain about. Especially now, when her husband is preparing to release another new song dedicated to her. Soon we will hear a new track, and now the singer is already planning a video clip, promising something bright and interesting ...