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Do not have time to play rumors after the appearance on the network photos Artur Khalatova in an embrace with an unknown beauty, as the artist again gave the ill-wishers the basis for gossip. The reason for this was the new photo with the girl, which she posted on her page on Instagram. At first glance, this is a completely ordinary photo of a fan with an idol, but, nevertheless, the publication caused a lot of gossip.

Angry comments on the network, such as "a married man is constantly having fun in the company of various attractive girls" came to Arthur's wife. Accustomed to the popularity of her husband, she tries not to pay attention to the hype, which easily rises from scratch, but, nevertheless, the last scandal was the reason for a serious quarrel between spouses.

As it turned out, this photo was taken after the singer’s concert in Vladikavkaz, in one of the restaurants where he was relaxing with friends. Recognizing the artist, fans asked him to sing, and then capture the meeting in the photo. The situation, it would seem, is standard, but rumors that the meeting with the fans did not end there do not subside. Although the artist himself denies everything: “Well, what can I do when beautiful girls come up, hug from all sides and take photos sharply? Then they say "I'm sorry, it didn’t work out, can I still?" You begin to change the pose, and then the hand itself does not go there. He hugged someone warmer than he should, and after such pictures gossip is born! My wife, of course, was very jealous of this publication. In addition, her close "friends" do not sleep and are eager to share their "experiences" with her. Now I’m thinking how best to take pictures? Can I get a selfie stick? ”- Khalatov jokes.

Whatever it was, but the artist’s reputation as a faithful family man is constantly subjected to such tests. But he is trying to pay less attention to this, because photographs of this kind are an integral part of his profession and, whatever one may say, a public person always with open hearts shares his soul pieces with admirers of his work.