Arthur Khalatov: “I love my Motherland”!

PremieresArthur Khalatov: “I love my Motherland”!

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Arthur Khalatov introduced a new track - "My Caucasus"

“Mountain dwellers are united by honor. You can't find us closer to each other ... "- sings in his new song Arthur Khalatov @artur_halatov. The composition about the beauty, hospitality and friendship of peoples - “My Caucasus” was released today.

Arthur Khalatov
Arthur Khalatov

“With the author of words and music, Artur Besaev, we tried to convey our love for our native land, to tell in a song about the beautiful corners of the Caucasus and the unity of the highlanders - our most important value - good neighborly relations.
I love my homeland and am proud of it! I hope that my listeners, who live in different regions of the Caucasus, will feel the emotions that I tried to convey, ”says the artist.
Along with the composition, a video came out that clearly showed the beauty of the Caucasus, which is sung in the song.

Listen and download Arthur Khalatov’s song “My Caucasus”


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