Arthur Khalatov he does not know how to just relax, wherever he appears, he brings a holiday with him! The other day, the popular artist of the music publishing house “Zvuk-M” was in Turkey and did not fail to take the opportunity to speak to the public in the city of Kemer.

“I went by invitation to Istanbul and decided on the way to call in Antalya, so to speak,“ to kill two birds with one stone ”, to speak in Kemer. He performed there five of his tracks, including new items. The audience received very enthusiastically, warmly. They danced, sang along, had great fun! I spoke in these parts for the first time, the impressions are very good, the service is excellent. But it feels like you're somewhere in Sochi. Probably because of the abundance of Russian tourists, ”says the singer.

As it turned out, Khalatov's songs are very much loved in Turkey, such hits as “Rose” and “Chance Zero” are especially popular here.

“They recognized me, despite the fact that I was in shorts,” the performer laughs, “and in one travel agency I visited, the cameraman said that I had a double and he sings.” At first I did not understand, and then he showed me on YouTube one of my speeches. I smiled, said that this is me. It was nice! ”Says Arthur.

This time Khalatov introduced the public with two new songs. One of them, namely “Sweet” will be presented very soon - 28 June. Then you will hear the new track, o the records of which we have already told, - "My very". An excerpt from the speech of Arthur, where he performs exactly this song, you can see right now ...