Arthur Khalatov

Name: Khalatov Artur Vladimirovich
Date of Birth: 6 August, 1986
Place of Birth: Vladikavkaz
Education: degree in economics
Start a music career: 2011g
Honorary title: Honored Artist of the KChR
Albums: "Arturik"
Life motto: "Only forward and not a step back!"
A. Khalatov: “Music for me is my life, my destiny, my vocation, my work, my weakness and my love ...”



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Arthur Khalatov - For your sake | Premiere of the video 2024

“Where, where else can I find so many words to tell you what I’m ready for for you...” A simple coach from an ice palace falls in love with a dazzling beauty and tries to pass himself off as a successful businessman in order to achieve reciprocity. Artur Khalatov's video clip for his new hit - "For You" - has been released. Author of words and music Artur Besaev