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Aslan Kyatov presented a new single - "Love me" - on poetry and music Aslana Borsova

Each person has his own unique, unsurpassed and inimitable love, which fills a person's existence with delight and special meaning. Live for him, think only about him, take care and protect.

The hero of Aslan Kyatov seeks and finds his beloved - being in longing and hope, willing to do anything, just to see her even in reality, even in a dream, ready to fulfill any desires. Whether this is a real image or an invented ideal remains a mystery. In any case, this song - written and performed with love - leaves in the listener's soul a distinct aftertaste of a charming and truthful introduction to the beautiful and amazing - in sympathy both for the singer himself and for the author of the work.

Aslan Kyatov
Aslan Kyatov

“It seems to me that true love lies in completely merging with a person, intertwining with his soul, desires and thoughts, in order to breathe together and see the world together,” says Aslan Kyatov. - But in real life, between people, there is always a distance. The heart in love, of course, wants to reduce this distance to a minimum. If reality does not allow this, then at least in thoughts and desires. The song is about the sincerity and irresistible power of these desires. "

Listen and download Aslan Kyatov's song "Love Me"


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