Astemir Apanasov - Don't start (Sun d1a ma yololakh) | Video premiere 2023

Video clips. Music of the CaucasusAstemir Apanasov - Don't start (Sun d1a ma yololakh) | Video premiere...

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The famous Caucasian performer Astemir Apanasov presented a bewitching single about hope and love - “Don't Start” in Russian and Chechen


Music and lyrics by Astemir Apanasov

Director of photography - Murat Dzuev
Editing - Murat Dzuev, Arsen Dyshekov.
Color correction -Arsen Dyshekov

The main characters are Islam and Karina Kish
Voice recording and mixing - Roman Fakov
Violin - Pavel Deder
Words and music Astemir Apanasov


Channel post date: 2023-08-22 19:00:45
Video length: 00:03:35
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV


  1. ბრავო ასტემირ, ეს სიმღერა არის მორიგი ნიჭის ზ ეიმი. კლიპიც ძალიან, ძალიან კარგია.

  2. I heard this song for the first time today. I never cease to be amazed. I listen and listen to her.
    Super. Such a beautiful song. The music is pleasant.
    There should be more talented singers like this. In three languages. More. It must be able to. Try.
    Very nice beautiful voice.
    Astemir bravo to you. I give you ❤. Thank you.

  3. You decided that you are God and you can torment me to the end, you are wrong!!! I have my God and he will protect me! And you communicate like this with whoever you want - if you can’t do it differently and are incapable ...


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