The repertoire of the successful tandem Sanashokova-Itlyashev will be replenished in a short time.

Closer to the New Year holidays, Islam decided to record two new songs and turned to Asa with this. At the moment, the tracks are already in production.

The rhythmic song “Nysache” (“For the Bride”) in the Circassian language and the song in the style of chanson - “Heart beats” in Russian - are different in character, but heartfelt in the text, will surely appeal to fans of cordial love songs.
We will be able to hear them this month, but for now the author has shared an excerpt from the song “Heart Beats”:

... And the body - in half. Where are we going to go?
How to hide from each other, to hide?
And the heart repents, the soul wanders.
It remains for me to toil, toil ....