Ayub Vakharagov "Indian Tea" - premiere of the single and video

PremieresAyub Vakharagov "Indian Tea" - premiere of the single and video

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The release of the song "Indian Tea" and the video for it

The popularity of the author's track Ayuba Vakharagova "Indian tea" is growing every day. And after the excerpts of the song were performed in the “Game” Show on TNT, in the performance of Tambi, Reptiloid and Makar from Lena Cook, listeners began to search for this composition on the net even more often. The song, which Reptiloid called "the bomb track", was officially released today and made available on the largest streaming sites.

Together with the single Ayub Vakharagov presented a snippet shot by the Octava team.

Listen and download Ayub Vakharagov's song "Indian Tea"


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