Azamat Bekov and Renata Beslaneeva: “Parents” is a dedication song for those who gave us life ... ”

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Azamat Bekov and Renata Beslaneeva presented a joint composition “Parents”

On March 6, the song “Parents” was released - a new touching, warm composition performed by famous artists Azamata Bekova и Renata Beslaneeva. The new duet is a continuation of the successful collaboration of the Caucasian stars, who have already given the fans two joint albums.

Listen and download the song Azamat Bekova and Renata Beslaneva "Parents"


According to Azamat, the idea of ​​composition was born when he and Renata imbued with poems about the parents of a talented poet and his close friend Magomed Zalikhanov:

Azamat Bekov
Azamat Bekov

“We decided to write a song based on these verses and turned to Saida Neguch, a talented author and composer from Adygea, with whom we have been collaborating for several years,” Bekov comments. “We entrusted Roman Fakov, with whom we have long-standing friendly relations, to arrange the track. In our opinion, he coped with the task brilliantly! The least we can give to our parents is a dedication song, because they gave us life, raised us, put us on our feet and protected us in every possible way from troubles and adversity. The main thing is not to forget about this, which is what we sing about in the track.”

With their new composition, the artists wanted to remind about the most important thing, addressing not only the parents of their listeners, but also their children:
“I would like to wish all parents many years of healthy life, watching the joy and success of their children. And they, in turn, would like to wish them to listen more to the wise advice of their parents,” Azamat concluded.

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