Azamat Bishtov and Fatima Dzibova about family happiness

On Valentine's Day, we decided to find out how family life is developing with one of the most beautiful couples on the Caucasian scene - Azamat Bishtov and Fatima Dzibovoy.

Artists got married 5 months ago. How has their life changed since then and what has love brought into it? ..

“Family life differs from ordinary life in the almost round-the-clock presence of a loved one in it. And that is great! We never have enough time spent together. On the contrary, this is what we strived for and now we enjoy every day!” says Azamat.

Of course, as in any family, here, too, can not do without small quarrels. We asked the young people how they solve conflicts, and this is what they said: “We almost always come to a common opinion thanks to mutual understanding. The secret of happy relationships, in our case, lies precisely in support, in the ability to hear each other. ”

Valentine's Day Azamat and Fatima together celebrate not the first time. And although they have not yet come up with traditional ways to celebrate it, one thing remains unchanged - the guys are always trying to make some surprises and to please their friend with pleasant trifles. And young people wish their fans: “Love and be loved! Do not betray each other, share all warm moments and adversities together! ”