Azamat Bishtov about the song "Bitter Tea"

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Today is International Tea Day. Although this holiday has been recently celebrated in Russia, thematic master classes, exhibitions, seminars and other events are organized in some cities where people get acquainted with the types of this wonderful drink and how to drink it.

We cannot but remember a special kind of tea - “bitter”, with which a popular Caucasian actor once introduced us. Azamat Bishtov.

According to the singer, it was the track “Bitter Tea” that helped him to expand the audience of the listeners in his time:

“This is one of my favorite songs. Thanks to her, at the beginning of my vocal career, my interest in my work began to grow rapidly! This is very pleasant, because I myself have made efforts to make the composition sound exactly as we know and love it. A few years before this track was played by me, it was written by author Saeed Neguch not in the chanson style, as we hear it now, but in a different, slow style and for a long time “collecting dust on the shelf”. When Said sang to me, I immediately felt that I could make a hit out of this and, having worked on the arrangement, added dynamism to the song, and in my performance I filled it with emotions, my own experiences. It turned out very lively, and the audience immediately picked it up. The song fell in love with many!

You can listen to the track of Azamat Bishtov right here.

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