Azamat Bishtov. "Enchanted"

Listen to the song "Enchanted" | Azamat Bishtov

Artist: Azamat Bishtov

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Premieres of Caucasian music

Temirkosh. "Scheherizade"

"Scheherizade". TemirKosh presented a new track about a girl from a fairy tale, filled with hopes and dreams

Rustam Nakhushev filmed a video clip for the song "And you're on a date"

A complex love story in a big city was shown by Rustam Nakhushev in his new video clip for the song “And you are on a date”

Rustam Nakhushev. "Are you on a date?"

"My heart hurts and my soul is so longing, where are you? You break all my plans and dreams ..." Rustam Nakhushev released a new song about complex and unpredictable love "And you're on a date"

Aina Getagazova. "Love"

"Love". Aina Getagazova sang about love in the melodic track of the same name, full of sadness and hope.

Ruslan Shanov. "I loved"

"I loved, but in vain, now I understand for sure ...". Ruslan Shanov spoke about the breakup in the song and the video of the same name "I loved"

Ruslan Shanov spoke about the breakup in the video for the song “I loved”

The story of the breakup of relations is so familiar to many - it was released in a dynamic video clip by Ruslan Shanov "I loved"

Ruslan Malaev. "Pushkin"

The song for all lovers was performed by Ruslan Malaev. Sincerity, hope, love and tenderness - the leitmotif of a new outstanding track called "Pushkin"

Zarina Tilidze. "Best"

The bewitching voice of Zarina Tilidze will take you to a world with a single sun, a unique sky, where there is only He for Her - "The Best"