Azamat Bishtov has released a new track - "Sichlynal"!

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Today with the support of the label "Kavkaz Music" a new single of a popular artist has been released Azamat Bishtov @a_bishtov - song in the Circassian language - "Sichlynal" ("My land"), written by Dzhanhot Natkho.

Azamat Bishtov
Azamat Bishtov

“Here it is sung about the beautiful Adygea, the land on which I was born and which I treasure! I somehow studied the archive, heard this composition performed by Tamara Nekhay and, of course, the song fascinated me. Then I decided to give her a new life.
I want to express my gratitude to my listeners for their love for my work and remind them that other new tracks are waiting for them soon! " - says the artist.

Listen to the single "Sichlynal" on our website!

Listen and download the song "Sichlynal" by Azamat Bishtov


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