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“Cheerful music flows, and the heart keeps asking for it ...” We present the video for the collection “Dari-Duri Potpourri” performed by Azamat Pheshkhov. The potpourri included ten tracks on famous folklore and author's works of the Caucasus


1. Dari douri (words and musical folk in the arr. Azamat Pheshkhov)
2. And everyone sings (lyrics by Artur Kencheshaov, folk music)
3. Love-beloved (words and music. Marat Paritov)
4. Raja and jester (words and musical folk in the arr. Aazamat Pheshkhov)
5. We fell in love with one (lyrics Artur Kencheshaov music. Ramazan Makaov)
6. And I miss you (words and music. Anastasia Karibova
7. Anikusha (words and folk music arr. Azamat Pheshkhov)
8. Lezginka (folk music arr. Azamat Pheshkhov)
9. A crust of ice (words and musical folk in the arr. Azamat Pheshkhov)
10. Bright as day (words and musical folk in the arr. Azamat Pheshkhov)


Channel post date: 2023-07-14 16:00:46
Video length: 00:08:50
YouTube channel: ZVUKM TV



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