"Balkaria" - a new song by Dmitry Yurkov dedicated to the Caucasus

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Caucasian theme is in the repertoire Dmitry Yurkova @ dmitriy.yurkov a significant place, just like the Caucasus itself, is in the heart of a famous author and performer. Fans of the artist's creativity know very well that he sings from the bottom of his heart about this land and its beauties, dances lezginka with ardor and great pleasure and will always find something to surprise his audience with! One of such surprises was Dmitry's new composition - "Balkaria", in which the singer put a special meaning ...

Dmitry Yurkov
Dmitry Yurkov

“Kabardino-Balkaria, Elbrus is the place where I first started downhill skiing, which ultimately changed my entire way of life, which makes me immensely happy! - says Yurkov, - in this song all my love for these wonderful places. In my opinion, it has speed, flight, that is, everything that a skier experiences when he rushes down the slope.
Now my soul is calm. Let me explain - in general, I love Kabardino-Balkaria very much, and therefore my heart could not be limited to one song. And the fact that the song “Balkaria” is published behind the song for “Kabarda”, builds the correct balance of everything that is in me.
Listen! We are dancing! We go skiing! We let the sun into our hearts and share this light with everyone who comes to meet us! ”

Listen and download the song of Dmitry Yurkov "Balkaria" we offer you right now on our website.

Listen and download Dmitry Yurkov’s song “Balkaria”


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