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On the day of the premiere of the single and video "Bandita Soul" Aris – the author and performer of the song shared how the project was created


“This composition, like many of my tracks, was born when I once again sat and just played something, improvised,” says the artist, “I sang and recorded what came to mind, and when I showed it to my friends, everyone said that there is something intriguing in the song, it should be released. A picture immediately appeared in my head: something in the style of the 90s, even the plot of the video came to mind, and I decided to implement it all. I invited my friends, brother, nephews to shoot, and we set off to implement my idea. But, strangely, in the end, everyone outplayed! New locations were found, new thoughts appeared, and thus the initial idea turned out to be completely different from what happened in the end.

Yes, the plot is simple in principle: bandits kidnap the girlfriend of the protagonist, who in the end turns out to be the one with whom it is better not to mess with. But this short episode fits well on the track, and this is the main thing. In general, the work on the clip was exciting, although the conditions were not the most comfortable - it was terribly cold. They acted out scenes on the street, and then ran into the car to warm up and drink tea.

I want to thank everyone who took part in the filming: my brother Ruslan Appaev, nephew Ruslan Appaev, also Astemir Appaev, Tima Laura, Inar Baisultanov, operator Vitai Pavlov and the entire crew of Mustache.

I wish you all a pleasant viewing and listening! Well, we continue to work to delight the public again with new works.

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