Brother and sister are a kindred spirit. Artur Sargsyan and Toma Harutyunyan released a new song

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The premiere of the duet single "Brother and Sister" performed by Arthur Sargsyan и Tom Harutyunyan

The new track by Arthur Sargsyan praises the sincere love of brother and sister, who are happy to be together, being sent down to each other by heaven as a support and hope for each other for life.

Artur Sargsyan
Artur Sargsyan

“A priori it is customary to think that sisters and brothers are not always the best friends in life. Of course, they are not strangers to each other, but there are always those who are even closer - for a number of objective reasons: spouses, work colleagues, colleagues in the army, classmates, says Artur Sargsyan. - But the difference is that we choose friends and spouses by our own will, and sisters and brothers are assigned to us by fate, we grow up together, we are next to each other in the most important moments of childhood and adolescence - both in joy and sorrow. And this unconditional love actually makes us true friends! "


Tom Harutyunyan
Tom Harutyunyan

“Artur and I are brothers in spirit, not in blood,” says Tamara Harutyunyan. - We have been friends for a very long time and respect each other; At the same time, many people really consider us to be real brother and sister, in fact, this prompted us to release the song in a duet. I sincerely hope that the audience will like it! "

Listen and download the song "Brother and Sister" by Artur Sargsyan and Toma Harutyunyan


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