"To Brother Mukhtar" - Dibir Abaev dedicated the composition to Mukhtar Khordaev

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To the anniversary of the author and performer Mukhtar Khordaev, who presented the world with many wonderful songs, such as "Heaven above the Earth", "Friends and Money Can't Be Enough", "You Can't Leave Fate" and others, a close friend and colleague of the artist Dibir Abaev presented him with his musical gift - the composition "Brother Mukhtar"

The single was released today on digital platforms. But for the first time this congratulation song, filled with good wishes, was sounded at the celebration of the birthday of the hero of the day.

Dibir Abaev
Dibir Abaev

“Mukhtar and I have been friends for many years,” says Dibir, “he is a bright, talented and amazing person, whose work I, like many lovers of good music, sincerely admire. On the birthday of Mukhtar, who turned 24 on August 50, I specially flew to Moscow. A large company of artists gathered there, including Grigory Leps, Abraham Russo, Yuri Kuznetsov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Gusein Manapov, Murad Abduragimov, Evgeny Kemerovsky and Evgeny Ross. It was a wonderful evening full of laughter, touching moments and, of course, music. Then, as one of the gifts, I presented this composition to the hero of the day. Mukhtar liked this gift, and I hope that the listeners will also like this song. It is my pleasure to present it to you!”

Listen and download Dibir Abaev's song "To Brother Mukhtar"


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