“Give an answer” - Shamil Kasheshov presents a new song and video

Premieres"Give an answer" - Shamil Kasheshov presents a new song and video

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Shamil Kasheshov presented the author's composition "Give an answer". A song about the importance of certainty in a romantic relationship

Shamil Kasheshov
Shamil Kasheshov

“This is a vital topic. Even with me once there was a case when a girl, after listening to the advice of her friend, did not dare to write to me and make peace, although she was wrong, - says the performer, - in such matters you should not listen to someone else's opinion. You need to clearly understand: either you need love, or you are left alone with your uncertainty.

Together with the single, a video for this song was released, the main characters of which cannot reconcile in any way due to constant outside influence.

“This is the first video of this year, I hope it will set a good tone and you will like it, dear viewers! Listen to the novelty with pleasure and remember - there is still a lot of interesting things ahead! I want to express my gratitude to the director of the video "Give an answer" - Islam Aidarov, operator Kabir Gimbatov and beautiful actress girls who vividly played their scenes, ”says Shamil.

Listen and download Shamil Kasheshov's song "Give me an answer"


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