David Divad is preparing to release the song "In Memory of Boca"

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David Divad talked about working on a new song. The artist is preparing a song dedicated to the memory of the Soviet singer, singer-songwriter Boris Davidyan, who performed under the pseudonym Boka.

Boca was a famous and successful chanson performer. He has released over 20 albums, many singles, and even starred in films. The hit "Thieves' share" from the album of the same name, released in 1988, brought Boke national fame and was subsequently performed by many pop stars. "Ali Baba", "Wine in a glass", "Doo-doo", "Dzhana", "There is fog in the eyes" - the artist presented the audience with a lot of wonderful songs that do not lose their popularity over the next day.

In 2020, at the age of 71, Boris Davidyan left this world, but left behind a rich creative heritage. His departure was a heavy blow to a huge number of people, including his friend and colleague David Divad, who decided to honor Boca's memory with an author's composition.

- David, please tell us about how you met Boca? How did your friendship and collaboration begin?

- We met Boris Arkadievich at the opening of the restaurant "U Boki" in Moscow. It was roughly 1997 - 1998. Boris was an endlessly talented person and knew how to immediately win over. We quickly found a common language. And 5 years after that, the song "My Love" was born, and I decided to give it to Boke. He was already living in America then, but when he arrived in Russia, our mutual friend arranged a meeting, and Boris came to me. We spent the whole day at my house at the table, I always meet guests according to Caucasian customs. We talked tightly and very warmly, rosy, I gave him my song, he was very happy.
True, then the composition "My Beloved" came to Timur Temirov, and he released it without permission, although the first performer after me had to be Boca.
Subsequently, Boris and I often met at various events, and each of our meetings was full of joy and responsiveness. He was always interested in my affairs, creative and personal. I really enjoyed talking to him, a wise and endlessly talented man. He always had great ideas!

- How did you react to his departure?

- For me it was like they cut off my wing. Because he inspired me as an author and performer, admired me as a person. I want him to be remembered for a long time and the song "In Memory of Boka" was written for this very purpose.

- What emotions did you put into it?

- The most sincere. Her creation brought peace to my soul. He was the greatest talent and idol of millions of people. Everyone who listens to this composition will give their own assessment, but they will definitely remember that Boku, whom we knew and loved, and will receive a particle of his warmth. The songs that he gave us, "Son of the Blind", "Mom" and many others will live forever. And I put part of my soul into my project, gratitude to this great artist for his musical heritage and big heart.

- When to expect the release of the single?

- I think that soon I will be able to present it to the public. At the same time, I am working on two more songs: "Birthday" and "Sad Har". Hope they all see the light soon!

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