David Divad and the "Spirit of Time"

David Divad and the "Spirit of Time"

Popular performer David Divad said he plans to release a new album. It will be called “The Spirit of Time”, and the artist wants to devote it to modern youth.

“I often hear people say that today’s youth are stupid. But in our time, when we were young, adults also said this about us: “that’s how you are, and we were like that...”. Every time has its heroes. Young people now are very smart, they cannot be stupid. To be born in a time when any information is at your fingertips! You can find anything, learn anything, if you are not lazy. That's why young people are smart. And it is for her that I will release an album that will not be loaded, without politics. Only God, people, and main values,” comments David.

How long it takes the singer to work on the album is still difficult to say, he says, such a thing does not endure haste, although several arrangements are already done.

David Divad wrote about 800 songs for himself and for other artists, and in each of them he put his understanding of the world.

“Songs come from above, I write them down. “I have something to share,” says the author and performer. Therefore, the artist’s new project promises to be sincere and philosophical, and it is precisely this approach that can touch the hearts of young people. Educated, purposeful and eager to find answers to the main questions.